Week 5 – September 30 – New Media, New Practices

This week and next:
  • Assignment Due This Week: Tweets, posts about readings, audio post
  • Reading Due This Week
    • Dan Gillmor, We the Media, chapters 1 and 3, http://oreilly.com/catalog/wemedia/book/
    • Mark Briggs, Journalism Next – read Chapter 3: Crowd-powered Collaboration (pgs 91-114) and Chapter 6: Making Audio Journalism Visible
  • Discussion
    • Discussion of readings / your blog posts
    • Discussion of #LMUeng381 links
    • Discussion of audio posts
    • Some good short sound: http://www.kcrw.com/news-culture/soundsla
    • Some good slideshows: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/photography+content/audioslideshow
  • Practicum
    • Putting together a Youtube slideshow – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmL98L8O29Q
    • Tool review as needed. Problems?
    • How are your site projects going
    • Assemble groups for group projects (Randomized); discuss final projects and pitch format
  • Assignments for Next Week [Email links to posts to Professor by 5pm on Tuesday at Gary.Dauphin@lmu.edu]
    1. Read, watch, surf – Tweet a link at me for us to discuss with hashtag #LMUeng381
    2. Do next week’s reading and blog about it. What are the implications of these new tools for rights, rights management, copyright? Are you a Copyright Criminal?
    3. Turn your images and audio into a 2 minute Youtube slideshow. Post to web. Indicate CC license found at www.creativecommons.org
    4. Groups come up with 3 project pitches. Nominate someone to post pitch to blog. Write one paragraph for each story idea. Include information about why you think this subject is interesting (what news values does it serve?), what your unique angle is, who your audience is, and what tools you will use for your reporting and presentation.
    5. [Ongoing: Track your site.]
Natalie L.M.
Katie M.
Sarahn S.
Sarah L.
Alex D.S.
Prianka P.
Mack M.
Cory K.
Amanda M.
Sinead M.
Nicole P.
Emily M.
Christie C.

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