Week 4 – New Media, New Audiences & Links

  • Assignment Due This Week: Tweets, posts about readings, photo post, Twitter list, Feedly list, bring audio tools to class
  • Reading Due This Week
  • Discussion
    • Discussion of #LMUeng381 links
    • Discussion of readings / your blog posts
    • Discussion of Photo Posts
      • What makes good photo? – clear object of interest, light, size symmetry, color,
      • Alignment on page
      • Voice in text, what about voice in image?
      • QA & Extras – titles? Captions? Get into the shot! lens smudge
    • Discussion of Twitter Lists
    • Discussion of Feedly lists
    • Discussion of Site Ideas
      • How to review a site – case study: The Loyolan
      • Selection of ideas
  • Practicum
  • Assignments for Next Week [Email links to posts to Professor by 5pm on Tuesday at Gary.Dauphin@lmu.edu]
    1. Read, watch, surf – Tweet a link at me for us to discuss with hashtag #LMUeng381
    2. Do next week’s reading and blog about it. What are the implications of new populations and new practices on the news business?
      • [Optional blog topic: Blog about Frontline’s The Digital Nation]
    3. Create a two minute audio track based on your image sequence and text. Upload to Soundcloud and also create a post on your blog embedding your audio. (Consult Briggs reading for next week for any issues: Chapter 6: Making Audio Journalism Visible)
    4. [Ongoing: Track your site.]
Your Stuff!
Nicole P.
Katie M.
Cory K.
Sofia M.
Sarah L.
Sarahn N.
Christie C.
Amanda M.
Prianka P.
Mack M.

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