Week 3 – September 16 – Posts, Blogs, Content Management Systems

  • Assignments Due This Week: Tweets, blog about readings, blog about 3 sites ideas for preso, 16 photos on Flickr, bring photo tools to class
  • Reading Due This Week
  • Discussion
    • Discussion of readings / your blog posts
    • Discussion of Site Ideas
    • How to review a site – case study: The Loyolan
    • Selection of ideas
  • Practicum
    • Photo Bingo
    • Let’s talk photographic equipment: Flickr apps, storage, lighting, tripods, editing, posting to Flickr
    • Tool review as needed. Problems?
    • Posting images to WordPress – files, metadata, captions
    • LMU multimedia equipment access
  • Assignments for Next Week [Email links to posts to Professor by 5pm on Tuesday at Gary.Dauphin@lmu.edu]
    1. Read, watch, surf – Tweet a link at me for us to discuss with hashtag #LMUeng381
    2. Do next week’s reading and blog about it. Are you a digital native? Immigrant? How are these ideas located in time (i.e., the time the essays were written.)
    3. Edit your 16 images down to 8 strong images. Post them sequentially (not in a gallery) to a post in your blog and add text describing each. The text and images should suggest a theme or story. (Consult Briggs reading for next week for any issues: Chapter 5: Visual Storytelling with Photographs)
    4. Bring in what you have access to for audio – cellphones, digital recorders and headphones
    5. Expand your class Twitter list with a minimum of 10 follows. Post a link to your list on your blog. Be prepared to discuss why you selected them next week.
    6. Populate your Feedly reading list with a minimum of 10 sources. List the sources on your blog. Be prepared to discuss why you selected them next week. 
    7. [Ongoing: Track your site.]

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