Week 2 – September 9 – What is the Web


  • Syllabus – here and blackboard
  • Field Trip

Assignments Due This Week: Tweets, blog and selected theme, reading posts, About blog post.

Reading Due This Week


Sinead M.
Katherine M.
Emily M.
Prianka P.
Nicole P.
Sarahn S.
Cory K.
Sarah L.
  • Discussion of #LMUeng381 links
  • Discussion of readings / your blog posts
  • Review About posts


  • Chrome tools – How to view code
    • Ghostery – https://www.ghostery.com/
    • Wappalyzer – Chrome plug in
  • Basics of web architecture – case study: Annenberg.usc.edu
  • Discussion of blogs and themes. Any problems?

Assignments for Next Week [Email links to posts to Professor by 5pm on Tuesday at Dauphin@lmu.edu]

  • Read, watch, surf – Tweet a link at me for us to discuss with hashtag #LMUeng381
  • Do next week’s reading and blog about it. What does “blog” mean to you? Isn’t everything a blog? What isn’t a blog?
  • Find three blogs or sites that you would like to follow for the semester. Be prepared to explain why you’re interested in each. Post your list in a second post to your blog, making sure to indicate your top choice and use screen grabs and embedded media (if available) from each site. Indicate whether you’d like to present the first, middle or last group by adding an animated gif, emoji or video clip to the bottom of your post.
  • Bring in what you have access to use for photography – phones or cameras
  • Take 16 photos of a single day at life at LMU this week. These can be anything: students, classes, architecture, movement. They don’t need to be perfect, but endeavor to make them clear, in focus and properly exposed. Post these photos to your Flickr stream

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